Best 8 Roll-on Bed Liners


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Truck beds are the first to suffer degradation from hauling heavy cargo.  They quickly get dents and scratches following the push and pull. That is why protecting your truck bed is such a necessity. Herculiner is our favorite Bedliner that is easy to install and does an incredible job protecting the truck bed. Rust-Oleum made it to our budgeted pick with a clear color, lending a corrosion-proof fresh look to automobiles.

Read on to discover the best eight roll-on bed liners in the market.

Herculiner Grey Kit 6 Foot Truck Bed Roll on Bedliner kit

The easiest DIY kit, Herculiner Roll-on Bedliner, comes with a gallon of ready-to-use protective coating, two rollers, and a roller handle. Each gallon is enough for two thick coats of paint of a six-foot truck bed. Its thick and shiny texture of polyurethane gives your work a professional look that is very durable.

Herculiner Bedliner kit is a high value for money. You get a complete kit at an affordable price. A heavy-duty sealant, Herculiner boasts a thickness up to five times greater than many roll-on bed liners. As a rule, the greater the thickness, the better it is for protecting your truck bed.

Rust-Oleum Automotive Truck Bed Coating

Rust-Oleum is easy to apply and forms a tough coating that protects your automobile from scratches, rust, and harsh weather. It has superior adhesion properties rewarding you with a non-skid surface that looks brand new. This paint is extremely versatile, and you can also apply it on fenders, step areas, and trailer floors. It may not offer a coating as thick as Herculiner, but it does an excellent job of sealing away moisture, keeping your automobile safe from corrosion.

If you just bought a new truck or want to keep the original color, Rust-Oleum is for you. Unlike opaque coatings, Rust-Oleum is clear and gives metals a fresh new look without masking their original beauty.

Dupli-Color Truck Bed coating

A water-based polyurethane paint, Dupli-color is ground with rubber particles. As a result, the finished truck bed is of a smooth texture that is non-skid and highly durable. It can also be applied on surfaces other than wood, such as fiberglass, wood, and concrete, making it versatile. It is solvent and gasoline resistant and is formulated with Kevlar for anti-scratch protection.

What makes Dupli-Color stand out is the choice you have in size and color. You have a variety to choose from to suit your needs. And it gives an exact color-match to the original paint like when it came out of the factory.

Speedokote T-Rex White Roll On Truck Bedliner

Speedokote Bedliner kit comes with a roller, brush, and handle. With a 2k urethane, this product offers superb adhesion and durability. It dries faster and can withstand extreme temperatures, and protect your automobile from moisture, salt, and corrosion. The hardener adds to the tough finish making your truck bed more resistant to scratches and stains. Perhaps the only environmentally safe Bedliner, Speedokote, is 50 states compliant.

If you want a clean truck look with a new white color, Speedokote makes an excellent choice. Follow the instructions well and get a superior quality coating that looks great and performs great.

Custom Coat Tintable Base Kit

A truck bed liner kit with a spray gun and regulator, this product is conveniently packaged. You can mix the Bedliner, hardener, and tint to get a ready to spray mixture that can cover 110-130 square foot per gallon.  You get a full spectrum of fabulous colors to provide a great looking, durable and textured surface. It is effortless to apply, and with over 50 options, you can play with the colors to create your custom look.

If you are a creative person who loves to design art on your automobile, and if you want a unique look, get this kit! It adheres easily, protects effectively, and is of high value for the price you pay.

U-Pol Products Raptor Truck Bedliner

 Scratch and stain-resistant, you can easily install U-Pol Raptor in spray form or with a roller. It is highly UV resistant and doesn’t fade quickly even under harsh weather conditions. It is also water-resistant and won’t rust even if the surface remains submerged underwater for a long time. Available in tint and black and in 2K aerosols for smaller bodies, Raptor is exceptionally versatile and effective.

Texture and color customizable, quick-drying, and easy to use properties make this product very popular. If you haven’t tried it, go on and order it. You won’t be disappointed.

POR-15 49701 OEM Bedliner

A DIY Bedliner that gives you a professional finish, this is yet another of our favorites.  POR-15 49701 OEM Bedliner is a water-based rubberized coating. It offers high resistance against UV rays and extreme cold, protecting the color and preventing rust.  You can easily clean the surface with soap and water without wearing off the paint.

It is ready to use and can be stored for a longer time. So if you are looking for a bedliner that can be stored and reused, POR OEM Bedliner will be useful for you. Reseal it tightly and use it when you come up with a new project.

Durabak Tan Textured, Bedliner Gallon Kit

Weatherproof, waterproof, and saltwater resistant, with Durabak bedliner, your truck or boat is safe under all conditions and seasons.  Each gallon can deliver up to two smooth coats over a surface area of 75-80 square feet.  Be it metal surfaces, wood, concrete, or fiberglass, Durabak tightly bonds over the surfaces. It protects your automobile against daily wear and tear, making it look new and attractive.

From bright red, sunny yellow, sky blue, and tan to pristine white, if you are a fan of colorful trucks, Durabak offers you choices of colors like no other. Bedliners that provide multiple colors are a rarity, and Durabak is unique in that end.


Herculiner Bedliner made it to the top of our list with outstanding durability, superior protection against sunlight, water, rust, and other corroding elements. You get an almost new and clean professional look in few easy strokes.