Top Microfiber Drying Towel for Cars | 2021 Top Picks


Getting a new car or fresh paint on your old vehicle can feel exciting. You want to keep the surface as clean and shiny as possible.

But the cleaning experience can sometimes be harsh on your car, delivering scratches and wearing out the paint.

We have done the research and selected our Top 5 microfibre drying towels choices to help you have a positive cleaning experience the next time your detail your car.

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Our Top Pick

Because we know a car drying towel must be sensitive to your car, we have the Chemical Guys Dryer Absorber Premium Microfiber Towel is our Top Pick for quality and price. With over 19,000 reviews, it really stands out as a top choice.

Budget Pick

Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying towel made it to our best budget pick as it offers a supreme cleaning experience within the lowest budget possible.

What are the Different Styles of Microfiber Towels?

Medium/ Long Pile

Long pile microfiber towels are your softest microfiber towel, best used for buffing.

They still make good drying towels as their absorbency is still great and will shine your car at the same time.

Waffle Texture

The waffle textured microfiber clothes have small depressions throughout the cloth allowing for the cloth to have more surface area available for absorption.

An example would be the Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towel .

Suede Texture

Suede textured microfiber cloths have a satin feel to them and are perfect for polishing or drying without risk of scratches.

Read on to find out more details of our Top 5 best drying towel

1 | Chemical Guys Miracle Absorber Premium Microfiber Towel


  • Silk-banded Edges
  • Machine Washable
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Size: 25 x 26 in.
  • Dual Pile Weave

We know microfibers to be some of the finest materials for scratch-free car wiping.

Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel is made of premium microfiber and silk edges that effortlessly give you the best cleaning experience.

With a giant size of 36 X 25 inches, this microfiber towel is fluffy, soft, and super absorbent.

The bright yellow color highlights dirt and shows you when to flip sides.

The dual pile weave offers greater versatility.

It is positively charged to attract grease and dust, naturally absorbing them even without chemicals.

You can use the shorter fiber side for buffing away residues of wax, polish, etc. The longer fiber side can be used to absorb enormous water and dirt off your car.

There is a reason this towel is a bestseller on Amazon with plenty of positive reviews. Its extra-large size makes one towel enough to wipe and dry the entire car.

Its fluffy texture feels great on your skin and pampers your car all at the same time.

What we like:

  • Dual Pile Weave creates a short nap side and high nap side for use versatility
  • Large in size, so great for big cars/trucks
  • Sild-banded edge as extra scratch preventative
  • Machine washable for easy product care
  • Great absorption

What we don’t like

  • Plastic brand tag sewn in corner, just need to carefully trim off before use
  • Bit thin, but still good absorption

2 | Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towel


  • Superior Absorbency
  • Extra large for bigger vehicles
  • Weight: 16 oz
  • Size : 25 x 36 in
  • Machine Washable

A large-sized, thick and deep pocket weave towel in grey with silk banded black edges, this is another of our favorite picks.

Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towel is super absorbent and cuts regular towels’ drying time by leaps.

The round and soft edges give your car tender care and prevent scratches.

You can also pair it with Zwipes Dry Blade to reach every nook and cranny along your car to dry it thoroughly.

The material is durable and machine-wash safe, so you can reuse it for a long, long time. It is lint and steak free, leaving your car clean and shiny after every wipe.

If you own a big vehicle such as a truck, SUV, RV, or a large boat, this towel is for you.

Its extra-large size gives you the advantage of cleaning an entire car with one towel, much like the Chemical Guys Towel we have listed above but at a much lower price.

What we like:

  • Rounded, Soft-edged lining
  • Holds a LOT of Water
  • Doesn’t snag as easily as other microfiber towel
  • Good size for med-large vehicles
  • Streak Free & Lint Free results

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t wear well in washing machine, better to hand wash.
  • Towel color is a bit dark, so bit difficult to see if you’ve collected any dirt.

3 | AIDEA Microfiber Drying Towel


  • Silk banded edges
  • Dual-pile plush
  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Size: 31 x 24 in.
  • 100% Machine Washable

This super-absorbent towel is made of highly refined loop woven microfibre and silk banded edges to provide scuff free results.

Its soft texture is comfortable on your hands as well as your car, ensuring protection against scratches.

Machine washable for ultimate softness and durability, you’ll be able to wash hundreds of times without it losing absorbency and softness.

This makes it a great option for those who want to use microfibre drying towel for detailing business, or to just use it for years in your own home detailing kit.

What we like:

  • Dual-pile plush, 1 side is smooth and the other is thicker
  • Thicker than many of the other brands
  • Absorbs well just like advertised
  • Return Guarantee if you are unhappy

What we don’t like

  • Will leave lint first time, must wash before use
  • Actual GSM isn’t listed for product comparision

4 | Meguiar’s X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels


  • Dual-sided pile
  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Size: 16 x 24 in.
  • Machine Washable

Meguiar’s is a known brand in automobile care, and their products are trusted by users worldwide.

Thick, deep, and dual-sided, this microfiber towel from Meguiar’s is an excellent absorber that can absorb up to twice the amount of water than traditional terry towels.

The plush fibers effectively trap wax and polish residues, preventing swirls and scratches, giving your car a mirror-like shine.

This towel is an efficient and time-saving product that is easy to use and gives faster results in lesser strokes.

Whether it is softness, absorbency, longevity, thickness, or value for money, this product checks a big tick to all these requirements.

Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel comes in a pack of three bright yellow colors. If you like to keep things organized and prefer separate towels for a different use, this product is for you.

You can use one to apply wet wax, one for the interiors, and one for wiping your car dry.

What we like:

  • Fantastic absorption for being the smaller of the towels.
  • The traditional yellow color helps you check for dirt.
  • Stay in good condition for many uses/washes.
  • Dries quickly after use

What we don’t like

  • Not the most lint-free option

5 | GTF Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloths


  • Two Layer Plush
  • 1200 GSM
  • Weight: 20oz
  • Size: 16 x 16 in.
  • Machine Washable & Dryer Safe

A 12,000gsm super absorbent towel that comes in a pack of three GFT Microfiber drying towels has a measure of 16 by 16 inches.

A two-layer plush Microfiber and silk reinforced edges absorb twice as much water as regular towels in smooth swipes.

It is perfect for washing, dusting, waxing, polishing, and drying vehicles. You get multiple benefits from buying a single pack of towels that can be used as per your need.

Yes, no scratches or lint on paintwork, glass, or mirrors. This towel checks all the boxes too.

If you want multi-functioning car drying towels, get this pack. Its small size brings convenience in ways than the larger sized towels don’t.

They are handy, durable, easy to maintain, and soft on your car and skin.

What we like:

  • SUPER absorbent with it’s thickness
  • Extremely soft on your car
  • Can dry whole car with 1 towel
  • No risk of dragging towel on ground like the other larger towels.

What we don’t like

  • Because of thickness it’s hard to wring water out.


Why can’t I use a normal towel for drying/cleaning my car?

Most normal towels have a high chance of scratching your cars paint with use as they are more “hard” compared to a microfiber towel. Using a soft microfiber towel decreases your risk scratching your car while you are trying to detail it.

We say decreases because the quality of microfibre towel makes a difference.

What does GSM mean in a microfiber towel?

Grams per square meter – which is essentially the density of the towel. This will have an impact on how well it absorbs and the the pile length.


Shopping for car drying towels might sound like a trivial job, but it needs as much deliberation as buying an expensive piece of equipment.

Our Top Microfibre Drying Towels for 2021

Our top pick, the Chemical Guys Miracle Dryer Premium Microfiber Towel, as it ensures protection against any scratches during car drying.

You get the shine you desire with simple swipes that are lint-free. It offers great value for money with two large-sized towels that will last a long time.