The Best 8 Low Profile Car Jacks


Choosing the right jack can often be confusing because of the overwhelming number of options in the market. Here, we have the best eight low profile jacks to help you choose yours. The Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Ultra Low Profile is our top pick, and the Pro-Lift 767 made it to our budget pick.

If you are looking for recommendations for a low profile car jack, you might have stumbled on to the right page. Read on to find out the descriptions of each jack and why they are our favorites.

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack: Top pick

Pittsburgh Automotive is one of the most durable jacks in the market. With a 3 Ton carrying capacity, it can lift vehicles to 19 inches. This industrial grade jack has a low profile, and at 2.8 inches, it can quickly get underneath all kinds of vehicles. Pittsburgh Automotive is an industrial-grade jack that is perfect for lifting all weights from low profile to high-rise vehicles.

Pittsburgh Automotive is fast, durable, and safety compliant. Whether you are a professional owning a workshop or an automobile DIYer, this jack is a heavy-duty all-rounder that will not let you down.

Pro-Lift 767 budget: Budget Pick

Pro-Lift 767 have a lifting range between 3.5 to 14 inches. Made of heavy reinforced steel, it has the excellent build quality and will last you a long time. Its arms are fitted with bypass device and safety valves for greater safety. It is lightweight, weighing just 30 pounds which makes it handy and easy to store. It has an anti-rust coating and looks stylish too.

   At a maximum of 14 inches lifting capacity, you might want to look for a jack with greater clearance if you have own vehicles that are too tall. Otherwise, it can lift most vehicles with ease. At such a low price, this jack offers great value.

Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Service Jack

With a minimum height that is as low as 2.75 inches, Sunex 6602LP is ultra-low and will slide easily under any sports or small exotic cars. Concurrently, with an astounding 3 Ton capacity, it can also lift heavier vehicles such as SUVs and Trucks. It is a highly versatile jack with rapid rise technology that can reach maximum height in just 6.5 pumps.

Sunex 6602LP has a low profile design throughout the whole chassis and gives you the advantage of easy reach. This jack is one of the best low profile jacks for low vehicles and flat tires and works efficiently with larger ones too.

Arcan 3 Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

This jack is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, and is lightweight weighing just 58 pounds, making it easily portable. The high-quality aluminum also imparts exceptional strength to the jack, enabling it to lift to 6000-pound vehicles. It has a great range of motion boasting a maximum lifting height of 18 inches. Arcan 3 Ton Quick Rise has an ergonomic design and removable handles for more comfortable transport.

This jack offers a superior quality build that is lightweight yet very sturdy. If you travel often and you want a lightweight jack stashed in your trunk, this is just the right one to invest in.

Arcan 2 Ton Extra Long Reach Floor Jack

With a lifting range of 2.75 to 24 inches, Arcan has32 inch extra extended chassis. It comes with dual pump pistons for quick raise and rubber saddle for vehicle protection. It is a heavy-duty jack that is constructed of steel and is very durable. The low profile frame is consistent throughout the body, and it has a versatile lifting range. This item weighs 97 pounds and is a little heavy, but it is overall a great product.

Arcan 2 Ton Extra Long Reach Low Profile Floor Jack can lift vehicles to a tall 24 inches which is a lot more than other jacks. If your car needs some serious repair and you have to lift it really high, this jack is just the right item.

Neiko Pro 20272B Premium

Neiko Pro is built with heavy-duty aluminum, and it can lift 3-ton vehicles to a maximum of 9.75 inches. It has large swivel hands for mobility and safety valves to prevent overloading. The rubber dotted saddle prevents dints and scratches while dual handles on both sides enable more comfortable handling. This product weighs 57 pounds which add to its portability.

This car jack is quite efficient and is easy to use. Outdoors or indoors, this jack offers great versatility. Beginners, as well as professionals, will find Neiko Pro to be very handy.

Big Red AT830011LR Torin Carjack

With an aluminum and steel body, 3-ton capacity, lift range of 3 to 16 inches, Big Red AT830011LR is a racing floor jack for all-purpose use. It has a dual-piston quick lift pump and is equipped with two large steel casters and two 360o swivel casters. It also features an in-built safety system with a one year warranty.

First available in May 2020, this is one of the latest jacks from Big Red with many positive reviews. If you want to experience a new product, this is one jack you should try.

Pro-Lift SG-5625 Floor Jack

Pro-Lift SG-5625 features 2.5-ton capacity and lifting range of 3-3/8 to 14-7/8 inches. The hydraulic trolley floor is made of heavy-duty steel and has an overload valve bypass system.  It has a compact design with a carrying handle for easy transport. It is light, weighing 32.8 pounds.

This is another excellent product from Pro-Lift available at an affordable price. Pro-Lift SG-5625 meets safety standards and is ideal for most cars, trucks, SUVs and auto garage.


Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack is perhaps the most versatile jack to get underneath any car. Whatever type of car you own, this jack is a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment that will level up your DIY repair experience.