The Truth About SeaFoam | Seafoam Reviews (2022)


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Sea foam is a safe and easy to use fuel additive substance to clean the fuel system and fuel deposits in your vehicle, improving its efficiency.

With the constant use of your car, sludge deposits start to form in the combustion chamber. This can lead to misfires or other engines issues.

The manual way of solving this issue would be to take your whole engine apart and doing a manual cleaning, but let’s just say that is not a quick weekend project by any means.

Sea foam can do this cleaning without the need of taking apart anything, as well as it helps lessen the carbon emissions from your vehicle.

man pouring seafoam into engine

Sea foam cleans your car’s engine without interfering with the function of your fuel or oil.

You can use Sea foam treatment in three ways: in the crankcase, in the fuel tank, in the diesel fuel filter, and for cleaning the top end.

Sea foam treatment is commonly used by a lot of vehicle owners, with excellent results for many. However, it may be considered good by some and bad by a few. But that’s for you to determine for yourself.

Here you’ll find the spilled truth about Sea foam.

3 Ways to Use Seafoam in Your Car

Adding Seafoam to Crankcase

When you add Sea foam to oil, it will flush off the sludge, noisy lifters and remove oil varnish. A can of Sea foam can treat 15 liters of oil.

The most effective way is to add half a can between 800 to 1600 kilometers before changing the oil and adding the other half after. That way, it will get the varnish and sludge out in the first half and will keep things clean in the second.

Check out Seafoam Works crankcase information page for details on using it yourself.

Adding Seafoam to Fuel

A single can of Sea foam can treat :

  • 1 oz per 1 gal for fuel system maintenance
  • 2 oz or more per 1 gal for fuel cleaning

This process can remove deposits from the fuel pump, injectors, maintain a steady moisture level, and stabilize the fuel.

Sea foam can act as a de-icing agent in diesel engines since there are anti-gel properties in it. You need 100% Seafoam for diesel injectors.

For complete details on using Seafoam in fuel check out Seafoam Works Fuel Info page.

What does Seafoam do to Top-end?

Seafoam is used to clean out carbon deposits from air intake systems, intake valves, and combustion chambers inside the engine.

For this, Sea foam Spray Top Engine cleaner and lube is used.

It is the same as other Sea foam products used except that it is in the aerosol spray instead of its usual liquid form.


The truth about Sea foam gas treatment is that it is not dangerous to your engine. It has been around for about 70 years now and has proven to be safe and effective for cleaning your vehicle’s mechanical system.

If you own a car and are still not familiar with Sea foam treatment in vehicles, you might want to get into it. It is safe to assume that you can use Sea foam in your crankcase and your fuel system without risk damaging your car. If you were looking for ways to make your old car run better, you would want to treat your older vehicle with Sea foam.

Sea foam can be used as an additive to gas, diesel, or motor oil to flush clean your fuel system and engine.

If you’re using the sea foam treatment or planning on doing so, you might as well get familiar with a few benefits of using it.

  • Enables your whole fuel system to run smoother and last longer.
  • Sea foam Treatment helps in cleaning fuel injectors and carburetor engines.
  • It helps maintain engine moisture and is anti-corrosive.
  • Acts as an anti-gel and de-icer.
  • It is used as a fuel stabilizer prolonging fuel longevity for up to two years.
  • It is quite affordable and is a renowned brand widely used by many people.

If you are trying to reduce corrosion on any of your metal or electrical components of the vehicle, then dielectric grease is very good at preventing it.

Although there’s hardly any reason for you not to use Sea foam treatment for your car, Sea foam may not be the most potent general cleaner out there.

If you are really concerned about what’s in your motor oil to find the best product for you Blackstone Labs will take samples for under $30 and send you results of what’s in your oil.

The process of sea foam treatment in vehicles may prove to be difficult for new learners and pose some problems in the process. Such instances may lead to self damaging of one’s own car.

It is necessary that you take guide from someone who is familiar with the treatment.

Sea Foam SF16 Motor Treatment 16 oz
  • Liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants
  • Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a 100% pure petroleum
  • Sea Foam works in carbureted or fuel injected engines on cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles,marine, small engines, industrial, and diesel engines
  • Can be used as a fuel system additive
  • Can be used on Auto or Marine motors

FAQs About SEA FOAM Treatment

What is Seafoam?

Sea foam is a safe fuel additive substance used to clean the fuel system and fuel deposits in your vehicle, improving its efficiency. Over time, your engine gets clogged with nasty stuff and needs to be cleaned.

Is Seafoam bad for your engine?

It’s not necessarily bad for your engine, but you should have the knowledge about how and what purposes Sea foam is used for. Sometimes it’s better to replace old parts instead of trying to fix it.

Can too much Seafoam damage the engine?

Sea foam damaging your engine is next to impossible. But why go through the trouble of using too much Sea foam in the first place? Since Sea foam is made from refined and concentrated petroleum, the chances of it harming your engine are slim to none. Sea foam will flush clean and lubricate your car’s fuel system.

Why does Seafoam make your car smoke?

When you use Sea foam in a high concentration, you will visibly notice white smoke blowing out along with carbon gunk. Nothing to worry about, just enjoy the sweet smoke show.

Does Seafoam make your car run better?

If you don’t start your engine frequently, the fuel destabilizes due to moisture and condensation. Adding Sea foam helps maintain fuel viability, which will more results in cold places.

How fast does Seafoam work?

Just give it 5 to 15 minutes to soak in and restart the engine after. Then take your car on a 30-mile drive.

Does Seafoam really work?

Yes, Seafoam has been proven to reliably clean engine parts.

Can Seafoam ruin spark plug?

Arguably, yes. Sea foam may ruin spark plug but in extremely rare instances. Sea foam is not primarily the main factor that damages the spark plug. But if your engine produces a heavy load of carbon smoke and a plug was supposedly on its way out, it can completely push it over the edge.

What is Seafoam made of?

Seafoam engine treatment is made of 100% pure petroleum that is safe and effective on cleaning your fuel and engine components.

Final Thoughts

Sea foam Gas Treatment has been widely used over a span of many years up till now. It is commonly used by people who work in auto repair shops and garages universally.

So, Sea foam has its fair share of merits for its use and is recommended by many who have seen use results.

The truth about Sea foam is its versatility for cleaning or as a fuel treatment. It can be a viable option for its ability to lubricate the engines and protect them from wearing out.

Just make sure if it’s your first time using the treatment, find someone who is familiar Seafoam to help you out that first time. Like many car repairs, if you do something incorrectly it could cause damage.

After that it should be smooth sailing using Seafoam on your own!