Walmart Car Battery Warranty | What You Need To Know


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Need to know more about the Walmart Car Battery Warranty?

Considering buying one soon?

Here is what you need to know about Walmart Car Battery Warranty’s to help you make an informed choice.

In general, car batteries come in different values- the prices range from $50 to over $300.

You would probably need to replace your vehicle’s battery at least once in its lifetime.

When you have a warranty for your battery, it can cover the maintenance cost and save you some money in the future.

Purchasing a battery for your car from Walmart will provide you automatic protection as you will get the Walmart car battery warranty while buying. Continue reading to find out how you can get the best out of the warranty program offered by Walmart.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Cost

Walmart offers three exclusive lead-corrosive EverStart batteries that you cannot buy elsewhere.

You can identify them easily by looking at the sticker on the case.

walmart car battery warranty on Everstart car battery

Types of Walmart Car Batteries:

  • EverStart Maxx
  • EverStart Plus
  • EverStart Value

The prices of these EverStart batteries vary according to how much amp is needed for your car to start running, also known as CCA (cold-cranking amps).

The duration of the warranty will depend on the type of battery you buy.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Duration

  • EverStart Maxx: 3 of free replacement
  • EverStart Plus: 2 years of free replacement
  • EverStart Value: 1 year of free replacement

Note: Walmart used to provide a five-year warranty (pro-rated) for its EverStart Maxx battery, but they discontinued it. Check if your battery falls under that warranty and clarify the terms with your Walmart Auto Care Center.

How to Claim Walmart Car Battery Warranty

You will need to visit a Walmart Auto Care Centre in your locality or the nearest one to you to claim your battery warranty.

Visiting a different store should not be an issue, but going to the same store where you purchased the battery will be easier as they can quickly check your receipt and purchase date.

Also, obtaining your battery’s serial number will be helpful in finding out the date of purchase without much hassle.

Pro Tip: Make a copy of your receipt and keep it in your glove box. Original receipts can fade in the heat, and by keeping it in your glove box you are less likely to lose it ( good to keep all car maintenance receipts in there!)

How Does It Work?

In the simplest terms, you can replace your car battery at no cost if it stops working during the period of the warranty.

Here is the list of some of the damages that the Walmart car battery warranty covers:

  • Battery corrosion or leakage
  • Bulging battery case
  • The battery does not start the car
  • Failure of a full charging of the battery
  • Short-circuiting battery
  • Battery damage due to car accident

However, in case of accidental damage to the battery by you or anyone else, it will not be covered by the warranty.

The Walmart store where you bought the battery will have an ultimate say, and they will determine whether the warranty will cover the cost for various kinds of damages.

Have an unused Walmart car battery?

If you have an unused battery that you don’t need, you can return it if it is still under ninety days from the purchase date, according to the return policy of Walmart.

The refund method (debit/credit or cash) will depend on the original payment method and whether you produce the receipt or not. There is more chance of getting a full refund of the purchase price if you produce the original receipt.

What are some signs of a damaged car battery?

One absolute indicator of your car battery having problems would be a warning light gleaming on the dashboard.

In some cases, vehicles do not have an exclusive warning light for the battery, so you have to see if your engine light is on.

The way your car operates depends greatly on how old or new the battery is. Typically, car batteries exhaust after about five years, and even earlier if the weather conditions are extreme where you live.

walmart car battery warranty on this battery in engine bay hooked up to jumper lead cables

Cars in harsh weather conditions can face swelling of their batteries where the outer case of the battery will begin bulging.

You may also notice green discoloration near the terminals of the battery or get a sulfurous smell (like an egg).

Other indicators that show the poor functioning of your car battery includes electric problems.

Your power windows may not operate smoothly, or at all, the car will not start, or the lights won’t turn on, and so on.

The cause of this might be a malfunctioning alternator failing to charge your battery properly.

Regardless, if you are facing this type of issue, you may be dealing with a dead or an almost dead battery that you need to replace immediately.

One good thing is that the Walmart auto department provides battery testing and fitting for free when you purchase a new one from their auto care center.

They also offer to recycle old batteries no matter where you bought them from.

Are EverStart Battery’s Good?

Well according to Consumer Report, they are your middle of the line option with a decent warranty.

Motorday put them in their best car batteries for 2020.

So, for their price and durability, it’s not a bad cost conscious option if it is something you are looking to buy.


Will I still get the warranty benefits without a receipt?

Though having a receipt makes the work easier for the service provider to find your purchase date and check your warranty period, your battery will still be in warranty if you purchased it from Walmart.

In the absence of a receipt, you can take the battery to the service provider as they can check its serial number to get the purchase details.

Can I replace my car battery at Walmart?

Yes, if you purchased your car battery at Walmart, they will replace your battery and install it for no cost.

However, you can do this only at a Walmart Auto Care Center, and you need to bring the battery along as they do not provide parts there.

How do I know if my car requires a new battery?

You can test your current battery’s voltage using a multimeter.

Also, the glowing of LED lights on your display and the difficulty of starting the car are some indicators that you need to get a new battery.

Does replacing my battery with a new one restart the warranty?

No, as long as you have an existing active warranty, replacing your battery will not renew the warranty.

To claim a fresh warranty, you need to purchase a new battery paying its total price.

Does Walmart install car battery’s for free?

Walmart will install any battery purchased at Walmart for free, but only at a Walmart Auto Care Center location.

If purchased elsewhere, they will install it for $10 (at time of writing this).