What Is Dielectric Grease?


Dielectric grease, we’ve all heard the name or seen it somewhere in most electrical or auto parts stores. Though what is it actually for? Most people tend to think it’s just like silicone grease with a different name or something similar, but it’s actually not. Despite the fact that it has “electric” in its name. Dielectric grease is actually an insulating material that isn’t capable of conducting electricity. It is a silicone-based grease that is nonconductive and its main purpose is to prevent corrosion on electrical connectors and creating a barrier between the metal and the elements. 

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve got a broken taillight. Sometimes replacing the bulb isn’t the solution and that’s because in rare cases the electrical connector might have become corroded beyond repair. The solution? You guessed it. Thanks to the fact that dielectric grease is non-curing, meaning it retains the same grease-like consistency throughout its lifespan. 

It’s soft enough to allow the grease to separate away from two electrical connectors to make good contact and create a seal around it to stop air, water, and other elements from getting in contact with the surface of the metal. If left unprotected, worn out and oxidated electrical connectors can cause you to lose voltage in a best-case scenario. However, in a worse-case situation, it can increase heat dissipation which in turn can melt plastic and even cause sparks which can turn into a fire. 

There is a reason why most high end vehicles and electrical equipment come with dielectric grease out the box. It is an inexpensive and long-lasting solution that can save critical components from short-circuiting or even catching on fire in the worse situations possible.

What are the benefits of dielectric grease?

However, one of the key benefits of dielectric grease is that thanks to its insulating properties. It can prevent arching between any air-gapped metal. In high voltage scenarios, this can help reduce voltage leakage and can help prolong the lifespan of pretty much any electrical component. 

In addition to being helpful to the electrical connectors, it also helps any surrounding plastic and rubber within these connections. The oils in dielectric grease help to reduce off-gassing, which can greatly help prolong their life and not turn brittle within just a few year’s time. The lubrication from this grease also helps the rubber to form a proper seal but without causing it to stick or fuse together with any surrounding material. So the next time you pull it off, half of it won’t magically disintegrate. 

How can you use dielectric grease?

Just some of the applications of dielectric grease include battery terminal, spark plug boots, light bulb connectors and so much more. If you happen to be replacing an electrical component in your vehicle, house, or whatever. It can save you a massive headache in the future if you properly grease all your fittings and connectors with some dielectric grease. 

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